f l o y d f i s h e r    music production • mixing • scoring



new production company bedroom stuy. music for mtv, playboy channel.
scoring for directors emmanuel trousse, robert learner.  work with the bomb squad ("juice", public enemy, aaron hall).
remixes for r.kelly/busta rhymes, little dragon, ts monk, vanessa williams, count basie(!), etc.

2013: remixes for foster the people, music for fashion doc "tous les habits du monde" (french tv), music for art doc "surt & turf" (director abigail child).

2014: production for new pop group 2BB; rappers Jezebel and Extra Large; music for mtv, "keeping up with the kardashians", etc etc






            adidas   sony bravia    NFL      "strain" (excerpt; dir. jhulian santos)



song for


zen new year

the pop music@soundcloud link - coming nov2014*





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