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2016 -

Wakey Wakey "Golden" remix

Jezze B single/video/album
fK album

more coming...


previously (partial credits)

Jezze B - Jezze B
fK - era message
Juice (soundtrack)
Aaron Hall - The Truth
Public Enemy’s Greatest Misses
Extra Large - Top Model
Nocera - Over the Rainbow
The Next School - Settin’ An Example
Count Basie Remixed (unreleased)
Earthlan - The Beautiful Collision of Nations

Little Dragon - After the Rain
Foster the People - Waste
DJ Pharris/R.Kelly/Busta Rhymes - The Money
Vanessa Williams - First Thing on My Mind
Thelonious Monk, Jr - Ladera Heights
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Omen
Graham Nash - Everybody’s Been Burned

MTV (various shows)
E! Network "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"
Playboy (dir. Candida Royalle)
French TV "Tout Les Habits Du Monde"
The Shield (DVD extras)
"Surt & Turf"  (dir. Abigail Child)
"Jukka"  (dir. Emmanuel Trousse)

Juice Soundtrack (Gold Record)
The Truth - Aaron Hall (Platinum Record)
Mo’ Money Soundtrack (Gold Record)
Public Enemy’s Greatest Misses (Gold Record)
Summertime Summertime - Nocera (Gold Record)





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